How to set up a Conversion Event

If you want to benefit from the power of conversion driven ads you will have to setup a a Conversion Event in Balloonary. But don't worry, it is pretty straight forward to do so.

Let's first understand why we need a Conversion Event at all:

A Conversion Event happens when a user takes an action on your website that you really want them to. Most of the time that would be a sale. But it might also be a newsletter signup or something similar. In any case, it is always something unique to your website and the goal that you have in mind for your ad campaign.

So in summary, whenever a user triggers your Conversion Event, it should make you happy. And in order to make you really happy, this should happen a lot. That's why you need to tell Balloonary what your unique conversion event is.

Conversion Event options:

Once you have added a Goal Step to your campaign, just click on the goal to open it.

Now think about which page on your website users will see once they have taken your conversion action.

Example: In the case of an online shop you probably show your user some kind of "order confirmation" or "thank you" page once the transaction is done.
Let's say your base URL looks like this:

Please make sure that the Balloonary Snippet is installed on your website before you proceed.

Next click on "Edit" in the conversion event card.
You can now choose between two options:

1. "Full URL"

Let's imagine your order confirmation page always looks like one of the following examples:

In this case the "Full URL" option would be best suited for you.
You can either manually enter your URL or open your conversion page and copy and paste the URL.

The "Full URL" option will automatically try to validate that the Balloonary snippet is installed correctly.

2. "URL contains"

In case your confirmation page is dynamic the "URL contains" option might be the better fit. Your confirmation page might look like one of these examples:

In this case you could just provide the phrase "order". Now whenever a user that has clicked an a Balloonary ad finally arrives at a page that contains the phrase "order" Balloonary and all our ad platforms will track a conversion.

Because Balloonary has no knowledge of the full URL in this case, you'll have to manually open your confirmation page after setting this option to validate your Conversion Event.

Updated on: 18/07/2023

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