Permissions error when attempting to connect a Facebook/Instagram Page

Encountering a permissions error during the process of adding a Facebook or Instagram Page to your ad in Balloonary may fail due to missing Page permissions. This issue often arises when a user attempts to link a page to their ad that is owned by a business entity in which they do not hold any role in the META business account that manages the Page. Let's take a look at the problem and potential solutions in more detail:

Understanding the Issue

The problem typically occurs in the following scenario:

Page Ownership:

The Facebook or Instagram page you are trying to connect with your advertisement is owned by a META business account.

Lack of User Role:

You, as the user attempting to launch the ad, do not have a designated role (such as admin) in the META business account that owns the Page.
This situation leads to a permissions error because the META's security protocols require users to have the permission to onboard a Partner (in this Balloonary) to the Page.
Even if you have full access, that is not enough to have the permissions to add Partners. This access rights are managed on the META business account level.

Possible Solutions

To address this issue, there are two primary solutions:

1. Request a Role in the Business

Direct Approach:

The most straightforward solution is to request that the business owning the Page grants you a specific role. The role of "admin" is usually the most effective, as it provides comprehensive access and management rights over the page.

How to Request:

This can be done by contacting an existing admin of the business and asking them to add you as a user with admin rights in the META business manager

2. Grant Access Rights to Spoticle Sarl (Balloonary)

Alternative Solution:

If obtaining a direct role in the business is not feasible, an alternative is to have the business grant access rights to Spoticle Sarl (Balloonary) directly.

Process for Granting Access:

This involves the business admin adding Spoticle Sarl (Balloonary) as a partner to manage the ad aspects of the page. This can be a practical solution when multiple users need to access the page for advertising purposes without being directly involved in the business.

make sure that the following access is granted to Spoticle Sarl (Balloonary)
- Create Ads
- View Page Performance

Steps Forward

Once one of these solutions is implemented, you should be able to proceed with launching your advertisement without encountering the permissions error. It's essential to coordinate with the business owners or admins to ensure that the process is completed smoothly and in compliance with Facebook and Instagram's advertising policies.

In case of continued difficulties or for more complex situations, it is advisable to consult the platforms' help centers or seek professional advice.

Updated on: 20/12/2023

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