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Are users able to use their own ad account ?

With Balloonary you can run your ads either through our "Balloonary Created Ad Accounts" option (BCAA) or through the "Bring Your Own Ad Accounts" option (BYOAA). Lets say you start running your first few ads through Balloonary's ad account (BCAA) but then want to switch to your own ad account (BYOAA). In that case the Balloonary campaign that you started with would become "unlinked" from our ad account when you connect your own ad account. You would then have to create a new Balloonary campaign to run ads in your own ad account. The consequence of an "unlinked" Balloonary campaign is simply that you cannot launch any new ads in that campaign. Your historic data will of course stay available for you at all time.

Updated on: 09/09/2022

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