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Banned and Restricted Products Policy

Banned and Restricted Products You Can’t Advertise on Balloonary

1. Tobacco Products

Ads for tobacco and tobacco-related products, including these, will not be approved:

Chewing tobacco
Tobacco pipes
Hookah lounges
Rolling papers
Vaporized tobacco delivery devices
Electronic cigarettes

However, Balloonary does allow ads that promote blogs or groups about tobacco. Other tobacco-related ads are also allowed, such as those that promote anti-smoking campaigns, e-books, counseling services for smoking addiction, rehabilitation programs, and facilities for smokers.

2. Weapons and Explosives

Ads for weapons, including the following, will not be approved:

Paintball guns
BB guns
Pepper spray
Self-defense weapons

3. Derogatory Personal, Political, and Religious Content

Balloonary bans ads that promote hate speech attacking the following:

National origin
Religious affiliation
Marital status
Sexual orientation
Gender identity

If your ads promote hate speech against any of the above, they will be rejected and your account flagged.

4. Spy Cams and Surveillance Equipment

Ads for spy cams, mobile phone trackers, or other surveillance equipment will not be approved. The promotion of private detective services may be allowed.

5. Counterfeit Goods

Ads for counterfeit goods will not be approved.

6. Fake Documents

Ads may not promote fake documents such as degrees, passports, and immigration papers.

7. Adult Products and Services

As a general rule, ads may not contain nudity, overly sexual, or pornographic material of any kind.

8. Penny Auctions

Ads may not promote penny auctions, bidding fee auctions, and other similar business models.

9. Alcohol

Although alcohol is allowed, you must abide by local laws. For example, while the drinking age in the US is 21, it’s 18 in the U.K. Additionally, some countries may not allow the promotion of alcoholic beverages.

10. Body Parts

Because the sale of body parts is illegal, it also isn’t allowed on Balloonary. “Body parts” specifically refer to the illegal sale of organs.

11. Cannabis

Although legal in several countries and U.S. states, any promotion of cannabis is banned from the site. This includes cannabis paraphernalia, such as bongs and rolling papers.

12. Dating

Ads for dating services will not be approved.

13. Drug Tests and Exam-Taking Services

Ads for services that involve taking exams or drug tests on behalf of clients will not be approved.

14. Face Masks

Due to COVID-19, the demand for face masks rose. However, with this demand came price gouging. As a result, ads for face masks that protect the nose and mouth are allowed with restrictions. Ads for cotton masks are allowed, while ads for medical-grade masks are not. Ads also must not promote false information about COVID-19 or unrealistic promises about the benefits of face masks.

15. Fake Followers Services

Ads for services that offer to sell fake followers, engagement, or website traffic to clients will not be approved.

16. Gambling

Only ads for certain types of gambling are allowed on Balloonary. For example, ads for casinos are allowed while ads for online gambling sites will not be approved.

17. Hacking and Surveillance

Ads for services and software for hacking and surveillance will not be approved.

18. Illegal Automobile Modification Products

Ads for illegal automobile modification products will not be approved. For example:

Radar detectors
Loud exhaust
Under-body neon lights
Modified headlights and taillights
Super dark tint

19. Lottery

Ads for lotteries will not be approved.

20. Multi-Level Marketing

Ads for multi-level marketing companies or pyramid schemes will not be approved.

21. Over-the-Counter Drugs

Ads for OTC drugs will not be approved.

22. Payday and Short-Term Loans

Ads for the following types of products will not be approved:

Payday loans
Paycheck advances
Bail bonds
Short-term loans (90 days or less)

23. Personal Loans

Ads for personal loans will not be approved.

24. Online Pharmacies

Ads for online pharmacies are allowed, but ads for pharmaceutical drugs will not be approved.

25. Politics

Political ads and ads containing political content will not be approved.

26. Recreational Drugs

Ads for recreational drugs and drug paraphernalia will not be approved.

27. Prescription Drugs

Ads for prescription drugs will not be approved.

28. Rehab

Ads for rehabilitation centers will not be approved.

29. Reproductive Health

Ads promoting reproductive health will not be approved.

30. Spyware and Malware

Ads for spyware (spy cams, phone tracking devices) and malware (computer viruses) will not be approved.

33. Subscription Services

Subscription services with the following conditions are not allowed:

Negative options
Automatic renewal
Free-to-pay conversion billing

34. Unauthorized Set-Top Boxes

Ads for unauthorized set-top boxes will not be approved.

35. Unsafe Supplements

Ads for unsafe supplements will not be approved. This includes, but is not limited to: anabolic steroids, chitosan, comfrey, dehydroepiandrosterone, ephedra, and human grow hormones,

36. Binary Options

Balloonary bans financial products and services associated with misleading or deceptive practices. The following are not allowed:

Binary options
Initial coin offerings
Contract for difference trading

37. Crypto

Any ads promoting crypto coins or platforms that sell crypto will not be approved.

38. Religious or Political Beliefs and Other Sensitive Topics

We do not approve ads with potentially “sensitive” topics like health, sexual orientation, or religious and political beliefs.

39. Scams

Products and services that are determined to be scams or facilitating scamming activities will not be approved.

Updated on: 18/08/2023

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