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How does the Balloonary Credit System work?

Balloonary ad credits are only relevant if the user uses Balloonary Ad Accounts. In the case of a user bringing its own ad accounts, there will be no Balloonary ad credit system that comes into play.
If a user launches an ad via a Balloonary ad account on any ad platform (like Google or Facebook), the user sets a specific ad budget and pays upfront for this specific ad budget. Balloonary will handle then rest. In the Balloonary dashboard the user can always check at any time how much of the budget has already been consumed.

If now for any reason the user decides to stop the ad run earlier then planned, the remaining ad budget will be returned to the user account as Balloonary ad credits. these credits can be reused for the next ad run.

Updated on: 09/09/2022

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