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Team roles and permissions

Since each team in Balloonary is linked to one brand there are two different types of team members having different permissions on the brand:

The brand owner

Typically, the brand owner is also the creator of the team, holding complete authority over the brand without any limitations. This individual owns the Premium plan subscription and oversees the payment methods for both the subscription fees and the advertising budget, particularly when advertisements are deployed through Balloonary's ad accounts.

Team Collaborators

Invited team members collaborating on the brand are granted specific permissions as follows:
They are not authorized to launch or stop ads deployed through Balloonary ad accounts.
They have the capability to launch and stop ads through externally connected ad accounts.
They are not permitted to utilize the brand owner's tokens; however, each member begins with 500 complimentary AI tokens.
They are allowed to link external ad accounts and Facebook Pages, provided they possess the requisite permissions from Google and Meta.

Updated on: 01/02/2024

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