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How does the Balloonary Snippet work?

The Balloonary Snippet has two main purposes:

It's an independent data tracker
It automates ad platform tracking codes

All you have to do to benefit is adding the snippet to your website once.

But let's look at what the two points above even mean in detail:

Independent Data Tracking

The Balloonary Snippet is a way to independently track visits and conversions to your website. When you run ad campaigns, Balloonary will show you the data that the ad platforms report directly. But sometimes it is helpful to get a second opinion about what the platforms think is happening. Adding the Balloonary Snippet to your website is a super simple way of getting that second opinion. Once you add the snippet to your website, Balloonary is taking care of everything else involved with tracking.

Tracking Code Automation

Balloonary's Tracking Code Automation will feel like magic once you witness it in action.

But let's start at the beginning... Usually when you setup a new ad platform like Facebook or Google you want to let it know when a user that clicks on your ads actually converts. That is important because the better the ad platforms the users that convert, the better they can show your ads to the right audience. A conversion usually happens whenever a user buys something on your website or when they perform a similarly valuable action. In order to tell the ad platforms about the conversion you need to install an individual tracking code on your website for every single ad platform that you use. Once that's done you can tell each platform what a conversion looks like for you. All this is quite complex and often involves a lot of experience to get it right.

But don't worry, the Balloonary Snippet is here to help with all that. Its goal is to simplify the steps needed for you to get up and running by managing platform specific tracking code and conversion goals for you. You just install the Balloonary snippet and define your goal page once and Balloonary configures and manages all the specifics for every platform for you.

Updated on: 10/07/2023

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