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How to accept the advertising request for your Facebook page?

Steps to connect your Facebook account to Balloonary.

Go to []( and click on the notification from Spoticle. Why Spoticle and not Balloonary? Spoticle Sarl is the name of the company that is building Balloonary.
In case you don’t see that notification go to “Pages”, then choose the page in question. Then click “Settings”, then “*Page Roles**”.
Scroll down until you see “*Pending Partner Requests**” and click on “Respond to Request”.
Click the “Continue” button on the bottom right and then “*Accept Request**” in the bottom right and you’re almost done.

You should now see that Spoticle is listed under “Agencies”. If you do, congrats, you’re all set!

Updated on: 30/08/2022

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