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How to add the Balloonary tracking snippet to a Shopify shop?

Adding the Balloonary Snippet to Shopify is a 2 step process but quite easy to do. The key is to add the snippet to all your store pages AND to your checkout pages to make sure that the purchase goal conversions are all tracked correctly by Facebook and Google.

Step 1: Add the Balloonary snippet to your store pages

First duplicate your current live theme

Navigate to Online Store > Themes
In 'Current Theme' select the Actions drop down
Select Duplicate
Rename the them by adding "(with Balloonary snippet)"

Edit Code

Navigate to Online Store > Themes
Find your newly duplicated theme, select the Actions drop down
Select Edit Code

Edit theme.liquid and add Balloonary snippet

Find the theme.liquid file (under Layout)
In your theme.liquid file, hit CMD + F (Mac) or CTRL + F (Windows) to open up a search bar
Enter </head> in the search Be sure to include the / in </head>, without the / is <head> and this is the opening tag. If you put code above this, it won't work.
This will take you to the closing tag, or the end of <head> section of your code. Generally, you want to put all your snippets, just above this closing tag.
Add your snippet by copy and pasting it on the line directly above the </head> tag. If there's code directly above it, just add in extra lines between them with the ENTER or RETURN key.
Ensure you don't overwrite, or remove any other little bits of code. Removing a single < or > accidentally can actually cause the code (ie. your site) to no longer function.
Hit Save

Preview your duplicated theme

make sure your store page is working correctly

Publish Your Theme

Step 2: Add the Balloonary snippet to your checkout pages

Navigate to Settings > Checkout
Scroll down to "Additional Scripts".
Paste the Balloonary snippet in the text field

You now have successfully installed the Balloonary snippet in your Shopify store

Updated on: 12/12/2023

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