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How to set up performance metrics?

Learn how to set up performance metrics in the campaign dashboard to get quick insights into how well your campaign is doing.

Let's quickly talk about how performance can be measured in online campaigns. There are two very interesting metrics in each campaign.
One is the ratio of people that saw your ad compared to how many clicked it and landed on your page. It's called CTR (click through rate)
The second one is the ratio of people who visited your page compared to how many completed your goal. This one is called Conversion Rate. A goal is something you define yourself. It is the outcome that you would like to get from a campaign. For example, a goal can be a user subscribing to a newsletter, signing up for an account or buying a product. With Balloonary you can measure a goal in two different ways:

Success page (easiest)
If you ad at least two different page components to your campaign's funnel, the last one will automatically become your success page. That means whenever a user gets to that page we count it as a goal completion. This works great if you have a page that is only visible to people that complete your goal, e.g. a "thank you page" that you show after a signup or after a checkout is complete. 

Success action (more advanced)
Sometimes it is not enough to just define a page visit as your goal. In certain setups you might want to have more control, or don't even have a "thank you page", e.g. a "contact me" button that opens an email client. In cases like this you can use Balloonary's "success action" to track goal completions. Just add a "success action" pill to your campaign's funnel and install the code on your page. 

Here's how you set up the performance metrics:

Add a success component to your funnel.
Either add a "success page" or a "success action" to your campaign's funnel.

Connect and validate the success component.
Connect the success component to your page by installing the code snippet provided in the component.

Set an "average goal completion value"
Click on the little cog icon in the performance section to set your average goal completion value.

Updated on: 30/08/2022

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