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When do I need a new Campaign?

Learn when you should create a new campaign or just edit your existing one.

The answer is pretty simple. If you are planning a "significant change" to your campaign you should probably create a new one. What do we mean by "significant change"? That would be everything that goes beyond simple tweaking and adjusting.

Let's look at some examples:

Christmas campaign

You have your first campaign set up and it's been running for a little while. Winter is coming up and you plan to roll out a Christmas campaign. That would be a perfekt example. Your Christmas campaign will probably use different ad contents (targeting / keywords / messages) and a different landing page / website as well. So yeah, we recommend a new campaign for that. 

Adding a landing page

You think it is time to brush up your marketing setup. So far you have been using Balloonary to send traffic straight to your good old website. But now you plan to add a landing page in between. That's great! And that's also a significant change to your setup. So please go ahead and create a new campaign. This way it's also simpler to compare the old with the new campaign later on.

Updated on: 30/08/2022

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