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What is the data hierarchy in Balloonary?

A short description of hierarchy and dependence of the Balloonary platform

Balloonary hierarchy and dependence

1. Your User Account

    1.1 Your Brand 1

    1.2 Your Brand 2

        1.2.1 Your Campaign 1

        1.2.2 Your Campaign 2

   Your Ads 1

   Your Ads 2

       Your Ad Run 1

      Your Ad Run 2

      Your Ad Run 3

1. Your User  Account defines your pricing plan (free/pro/custom).

1.1 Your Brand is a specific product or service, but can also be a specific company if you have more. You can see all your Brands in Manage Brands.

1.2.1 Within your Brand you can create several campaigns e.g. a summer campaign and a winter campaign. You may create several campaigns depending on your marketing objectives. The campaign is basically your marketing funnel that you can drag&drop build as you need it e.g. with one or several ads going to one or two landing webpages. The most simple campaign is "AD + LANDING PAGE". You can see all your campaigns in the Campaign Overview of a specific Brand. When you have set up you campaign you can add and launch multiple Ads simultaneously (if you want)  within the same campaign. If you have setup all of the above, every time you launch an ad for your campaign, it creates an Ad Run. Eventually you may have an ad that converts well and that you want to run regularly. A new Ad Run is then created, so that you can compare the performance of your ads.

Updated on: 09/09/2022

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